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How To Track Your Lost Android Phone

There are many ways to track your lost android phone, using 3rd party apps. But i will tell you an easiest way to track your android mobile...
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How to get free Backlinks for SEO

What is backlink? Backlinks are heart of SEO . Without backlinks our website will not get good position in search engine's result. ...
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Detect browser and version in PHP

How to detect browser in PHP? Here is a PHP code to detect browser, browser's version and platform.    
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Samsung galaxy S7 specification

Samsung Galaxy S7 is an upcoming mobile handset by samsung mobile. It will be released in march 2016.
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How to redirect to any website using Google url

Here is a simple method that redirects you to any website or webpages using google url which means link will start with This ...
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Link Godaddy subdomain to tumblr

In previous post, I wrote about How to link Godaddy domain to Tumblr . read previous post first, to decide in which way you want to link y...
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How to Link GoDaddy Domain to Tumblr

After registring your blog on Tumblr, you will get a Tumblr subdomain like You can configure your godly domain with your T...
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How to hide drive in Windows

how to hide drive in Windows? Hide any drive in Windows
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How to download apk file from play store

Download and install APK files directly from Google Play to your computer and install it on your device later. Effectively, you can store a...
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