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How to SpeedUp your android smartphone

Is your android smartphone running slow?
This post may help to solve your problem.

We are going to do is disable the transitions and animations on your phone. These are the settings that control what happens when you swipe from one screen to the next, or one app to another. They also control how quickly popups appear.

If Developer option is not showing in your smartphone, You need to enable developer option.

To enable Developer option in your android smartphone.
Read How to enable Developer option in Android

1. Go to your smartphone's Settings, scroll down to About Phone and tap it.

2. Find Build Number and tap it seven times until you see that Developer Options have been enabled.

3. Go back up to Settings and tap Developer Options.

4. Scroll down to Window Animation Scale and tap it. Set it to 'Off'.

5. Tap Transition Animation Scale and set it to 'Off' as well.

6. Done!!!

Window Animation Scale

Window Animation Scale is the length of time that Android takes to animate a popup window. If it is set to '10x', for example, it will take a long time for a popup window to appear.

To see it for yourself, set Window Animation Scale to '10x', go back up to Settings and then go back into Developer Options. You should see a very slow popup window warning you about messing with things. Now, go back and set it to 'Off' or you can set .5x or 1x.

Transition Animation Scale

Transition Animation Scale is basically the same thing, but for transitions between screens, such as between one app and another, or when launching an app from your home screen.

This one is super easy to understand. Set it to '10x' and press the home button. Takes a while, huh? Now, set it to 'Off' or you can set .5x or 1x and enjoy instant transitions.

Animator Duration Scale

This is the third option in the list that nobody seems to understand properly. Changing the settings here doesn't seem to make any visible difference to speed and that's because it doesn't. So what is Animator Duration Scale?

It basically just controls the speed of 'loading' animations. To see it in action, set it to '10x' and launch any other app that takes more than a second to load.


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