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How to get free Backlinks for SEO

What is backlink? Backlinks are heart of SEO . Without backlinks our website will not get good position in search engine's result. ...
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How to redirect to any website using Google url

Here is a simple method that redirects you to any website or webpages using google url which means link will start with This ...
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How to hide drive in Windows

how to hide drive in Windows? Hide any drive in Windows
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How to download apk file from play store

Download and install APK files directly from Google Play to your computer and install it on your device later. Effectively, you can store a...
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How to make a bootable usb

There are several ways to make a bootable usb or bootable pen drive. Here i am writing two methods to make a bootable usb drive. 1. Make...
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How to know who visited my Facebook profile

Do you want to know, who visited your profile? Facebook does not provide any option to know the profile viewer. Here i am writing a tric...
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Use Keyboard as Mouse

Learn how to use a keyboard as a mouse. Windows OS has an Inbuilt option Called MouseKeys, You can Enable/disable and disable MouseKeys v...
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